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Since 1985, EPM Services has succesfully managed community associations in the Central Florida. In August 2014, EPM Services was purchased by Home Encounter which has further expanded our management reach into the Central Florida market.

Home Encounter specializes in the exclusive management of community associations throughout the Orlando and Tampa Bay area. Founded in November 2006 by Brad van Rooyen, CPMS, LCAM, the firm's primary focus is to provide dynamic management solutions to common industry issues, while presenting clients with the highest levels of customer service.

When we started Home Encounter, we began with a vision to change the status quo and turn the entire industry on its head. We looked at what everyone else was doing, did the exact opposite, and decided to bring some order and quality customer service to a world, which was bereft of both.

You deserve a homeowners association management company who cares about the little things, isn't afraid to get involved, and has the time and resources to ensure your community and board run as smoothly as possible. It's simply Community Association Management Done Right!